Feel safe at Picaroons

Maintaining good practice

We follow all government policies and guidelines

Practical considerations about Picaroons
  • Being only three bedrooms, with a maximum of six guests, it is easy for us to maintain social distancing.
  • All common areas are spacious so, again, it is not a problem maintaining social distancing.
  • It is easy to see if anyone is on the stairs and give way without inconvenience
  • The breakfast room is large, with more than the minimum requirement of space between the tables
  • There is ample on-site parking
Prior to arrival

Our government required registration document will be sent to you electronically, a week before you are due to stay with us. Please return electronically or, if that is a problem, please give it to us on arrival

Continuous good practice throughout

We wash our hands thoroughly as often as possible
We practice a minimum of twice daily sanitizing of commonly touched surfaces ie bannister, light switches, door handles etc

Face masks and disposable gloves available for guests on request

Guests entering premises

Sanitiser gel by front door

We will maintain a safe distance with arriving guests

On the landing

Sanitiser gel available

We have removed the communal water cooler dispenser and replaced with bottled water in your bedroom

We ask guests to request spare pillows and not to help themselves, as previously


To minimise our presence in rooms:

Room keys will be hung inside your bedroom door. At the end of your stay please leave your keys on your room door

We will refresh bedrooms daily unless asked not to. We will not touch the bed or towels but we will empty bins and replace consumables

  • We will disinfect the hairdryer and vanity mirror, in the bottom drawer, between guests.
  • We have removed the spare blanket from the bedroom. It is available on request.
  • Spare pillows should be requested
  • If anything is needed please ask
Complimentary beverages and toiletries in room

We will continue to leave a kettle in the room and ensure it is disinfected between guests. Replacement teas, coffees etc will be refreshed as needed and the mugs and glasses will be replaced as required and, as a matter of course, between guests.


No changes are needed with regard to scheduling of meals; there is sufficient room to seat all guests should they arrive at the same time.
Sanitiser is available

 To minimise movement of guests around the breakfast room:

  • We will stick with our current service where guests pre-order their cooked breakfast the night before.
  • We have not re-instated our breakfast buffet and we will bring to your table fresh fruit, cereals, yoghurt etc, as requested
  • Bread and toast – we will make to order and serve to table
  • Should a guest request jam or marmalade we will serve individual portions

After breakfast we will clear everything and dispose of anything that cannot be put through the dishwasher.

Tables, chairs and all other surfaces in the breakfast room will be cleaned and disinfected.

We have removed the guest comments book and pen

Bedroom cleaning between guests

Windows opened wide and room left for an hour before cleaning commences

All bedroom and bathroom linen will be replaced as a matter of course. Beds will be totally stripped, including protectors, together with the mats and towels from the bathroom

All surfaces to be dusted, wiped and disinfected including the bedframe, TV remote, light switches, door handles, plug sockets etc

Bedroom and bathroom vacuumed on most vigorous setting

Bathroom floor washed with boiling water and detergent

Shower, sink and toilet and all other surfaces thoroughly cleaned and disinfected


All items will be laundered as per government guidelines and then tumble dried

Our ‘Picaroons’ work wear will continue to be laundered on a daily basis


We will continue with our current system where most payments are BACS or contactless.  Guests can read-out their credit card number rather than handing it to us.

Other considerations

We are reviewing whether we need to make check-in later, and or, staggered, in consideration of the increased cleaning time per room.

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